What is OOP? OOP vs POP.

What is OOP? Object-Oriented Programming, more commonly known as OOP, was firstly introduced in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States.  OOP is a programming paradigm that simply divides the program into small parts called “Objects” which makes the task easier to handle. OOP gives emphasis on data rather than the […]

Is Python a game-changing language?

Python, a language that has just made its place among the most popular and most used programming languages among the programmers these days. Let’s find out why so?   But first … What is Python? Python is another high-level programming language written on the Object-Oriented paradigm for multi-purpose programming with a beginner-friendly and simple syntax. […]

What is C? History of C.

C, a well known powerful and widely used programming language which soon became popular after it’s release in the 1990s. It made a special place in the heart of programmers of that era and influenced most of the languages we see today. What is C? C is a Procedural-Oriented Programming based language and well known […]

What is PHP? All about PHP!

PHP has now become one of the most popular general-purpose scripting languages. Some of the best principles made it rule over the hearts of web developers. Let’s find out how? But first … What is PHP? PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is well suited for web development. PHP stood for Personal Home Page […]

Switch Case in Java.

What is Switch Case? Switch Case or Switch Statements are used when we need to compare multiple conditions in a single program. The switch control structure has a switch expression, which stores a value. This value is now compared with different cases stored with a unique label. Every label has some block of statements associated […]

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