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What is "Hello, world!" & where it is used? by Programmics!

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Almost all of you must have heard or seen this statement that says "Hello, world!". Ever wondered what does this exactly means?  Let's learn about it.
Hello World
Hello World

What "Hello, world!" is?

"Hello, world" is a simple message displayed on the computer screen by a computer program with some simple codes in it. This program could be written in different languages and causes the computer to display a simple text message (most commonly "Hello, world!").

What is the use of "Hello, world!"?

This program is really simple and contains most commonly used basic codes of a programming language therefore given to new programmers to analyze its syntax and the way the program works.

Another use of this program is to check whether the programming language in which the code is written is correctly installed or not. Let's have a look at this program.

Hello World program written in C
Hello World program written in C

This is how a basic "Hello, world!" program which is written in C looks like. This program was written by Brian Kernighan in his book Programming in C: A Tutorial.

How to run "Hello, world!" program?

Finally, if you are even a bit interested in these programs, you must be thinking about how to write it on your own? If yes, let me tell you how to write it. 

  • You need to install a Run Time Environment that could be of any programming language, for example, Java provides a run time environment. (I have briefly explained how to install Java into your PC by clicking here). 
  • Now, write your "Hello, world!" code in the language you have installed.
  • Compile the program & run it in the installed environment or cmd.
  • There you go, a message saying Hello, world! will be displayed on your screen.

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