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HTML and CSS - The Perfect Duo! All about HTML & CSS!

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HTML & CSS are the languages which can also be called the backbone of the INTERNET that we use today. Almost all the web pages we visit today are constructed and designed in 
HTML & CSS respectively. These languages work together to make your web page present all the information in a better way.

Let's start with the HTML ...


What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to describe the structure of the web page using markup. It is a computer language that was developed to allow web creation.

HTML uses a variety of tags and attributes to define the structure and layout of a web document.

Here, HyperText is the text which is interconnected to a hyperlink which when clicked takes you to that web page that is linked to that element. For Example - "Programmics". Here "Programmics" is interconnected to a hyperlink which when being clicked, will take you to my homepage.

Markup is a set of annotation given to plain text which tells the browser about how the part of text needs to be displayed.

History of HTML.

In 1980, a physicist named, Mr. Tim Berners-Lee firstly proposed an idea and also prototyped it and called it ENQUIRE, a system for his company for sharing documents. This language underwent constant evolutions and up-gradation.

On 24 November 1995, HTML 2.0 was officially released and on 14 January 1997, HTML 3.2 was published under W3C Recommendation. Later on, HTML 4.0 became the most widely used version of HTML.

Now ...

CSS Logo

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which describes how HTML elements are needed to display. CSS is used to style and layout web pages for Example - To change the font, size, color, and other decorative features.

We can easily add backgrounds, images, animationsvideos, etc. It saves a lot much of our work as it handles multiple web pages at once. CSS separates the design and content of the web page.

History of CSS.

In 1994, a Software Developer, Mr. Håkon Wium Lie invented CSS with a Computer Scientist, Mr. Tim Berners-Lee, while he was working at CERN. Yupp, Mr. Tim is the same person who developed HTML. The aim was to provide a system to style up all the information that needs to be presented.

Need for something that could style what the information appeared when Web became a platform for electronic publishing. This problem made Mr. Håkon develop CSS.

And The Duo Ruled The Internet.

The Duo ruled over the Internet for decades. These languages soon became popular among web publishers.

The INTERNET we see today is a result of the evolutions of these languages. 

Thanks for being here!

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