Is Python a game-changing language?

Python, a language that has just made its place among the most popular and most used programming languages among the programmers these days.

Let’s find out why so?  

But first …

What is Python?

Python is another high-level programming language written on the Object-Oriented paradigm for multi-purpose programming with a beginner-friendly and simple syntax.

Python The game changing language

It was developed by a Dutch Programmer, Mr. Guido Van Rossum and was officially launched in the year 1994.

Later on, Python gave us Python 2.0 in mid of the year 2000 which enabled features like garbage collection and support for Unicode.

Later on, Python 3.0 was released which was repacked in a new design. Python also removed a lot much of complexity making it look cleaner.

Advantages of Python

  • Huge Eco-System – Python has a huge eco-system that consists of libraries, frameworks, tools, etc which helps you while handling internet protocols, string operations, web service tools, OS interfaces, etc which reduce your code length.
  • Support for Third-Party Modules – Python has great online support for third-party modules that makes it capable of interacting with other languages.
  • Open-Source – Python is an Open Source language which means you can freely use and distribute it ever for commercial purposes.
  • Easy Syntax – Python is an easy to learn programming language which offers a neat environment and easy to read syntax which is a good point for new programmers.
  • Vast Online Support – Python has a vast online user base that encourages others to program in this language and is always ready to help you out whenever you get stuck anywhere.
  • Cross-Platform Language – Python is capable of making GUI and command-line based Cross-Platform programs.
  • Professionally Accepted – Programs build in Python are professionally build and are accepted by world-class brands like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, etc.

Python compared with Other Languages


This image shows image Java vs Python

Java is another popular and robust language. Programs written in Java are generally faster than Python’s but Python, on the other hand, saves your time while you are coding. Python programs are almost 3 – 5 times shorter than Java programs.


This contains JavaScript vs Python

JavaScript is another OOP based language used to create webpages and supports different paradigms like Object-Oriented, functional, imperative, etc, (but does not supports procedural programming).

The big difference is Python has vast support of libraries and modules whereas JavaScript has limited support of modules.


C++ is one more OOP based language used for general programming.

This image contains C vs Python.

One major benefit of Python over this language is Python programs are 5 – 10 times shorter than in C++. Also reading C++ code is not an easy task as it is in Python.

Disadvantages of Python

Speed could be the main why someone could choose other languages over Python.

Because Python compiles the program just before it is run, there are many more chances of getting an error.  

Python’s simplicity is the main reason why most of the programmers are shifting to it. The rate at which Python is being adapted, it is soon gonna change the game and soon become another game-changing programming language.

Thank you for being here.

– Prateek Singh

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