What is C? History of C.

C, a well known powerful and widely used programming language which soon became popular after it’s release in the 1990s.

what is c

It made a special place in the heart of programmers of that era and influenced most of the languages we see today.

What is C?

C is a Procedural-Oriented Programming based language and well known because it provides great efficiency and maximum control. 

It is a structured programming language that not even makes it easy to write & understand but also allows code re-usability.  

It has various data types and operators which made programs faster and efficient.

C is a powerful, robust and flexible language and still manages to be simple. It introduced great features like keywords, new data types and many more.

The programs are portable which means after writing it once, it can be run over any machine without putting much effort over it.  

History of C

C, a programming language that was originally developed for making Unix utilities was developed by Mr. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie while working at Bell Labs.

He fixed the most common problems of the earlier programming languages and made it more user-friendly.

The language was standardized and was firstly available in the early 1990s.

It soon became popular because of the UNIX, which was mostly written in C was a great success.

UNIX was successful because it was usable on different platforms.

Where it is Used?

Although there are lots of programming languages available, C is one of the most used languages and still preferred for developing operating systems and system applications.

Popular Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc are mostly developed using this powerful language.

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