What is JavaScript? All about JS.

JavaScript is one of the most popularly discussed languages over the internet. You must be thinking, what it is, what it does & how it helps us?

Let’s figure it out …

What is JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level scripting language commonly used as a client-side scripting language.

It is dynamic and weakly written. It enables client-side scripts to interact with the user and enhance their experience.

JavaScript is responsible for converting any static webpage doing no work, into a dynamic webpage that interacts with the user.

For Example – Some webpages that do not need to reload to show you results also those forms which immediately tell you that special characters are not allowed also those floating widgets that keep on updating.

(Some great examples are at “Programmics.in“).

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Immediate Response – It is useful wherever you need to give an immediate response to the user.
  • Easy to Integrate – It can be easily integrated into HTML and CSS.
  • Web Browser Support – It is supported by almost all web browsers by default and needs no external force to show up.
  • Easy to Use – JavaScript is an easy to use language.
  • Free of Cost – It is available free of cost.
  • Cross-Platform – It is a cross-platform language.

History of JavaScript.

JavaScript was developed by the same people who developed the Netscape Browser at Netscape Communication in 1995.

They realized the need to build a connection between the user and the webpage.

Mr. Brendan Eich was selected to work over this project. Java was a trending language so they decided to keep it syntax similar to Java.

The first version was named “Mocha” in May 1995 which was later renamed to “Live Script” in September 1995 and then renamed to “JavaScript” in December 1995.

What you think?

Now tell us what you found interesting in this great language. You can simply comment down and share your views about this language.

Thank you for being here.

– Prateek Singh

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